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Faucets & Fixtures

Faucets are a crucial part of your home's plumbing system because they provide us with easy access to one of the most basic human needs; clean water. Since faucets are used daily, it is important to keep them in proper working condition always. It's not uncommon for you to have problems with your faucet that may cause it to need to be repaired or replaced. For our customers we have both repair and installation services to remedy your faucet issues once and for all.

Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, we have the capability of helping you find and replace the model with a new garbage disposal installation. We can accomplish the job without making a mess and ensure the garbage disposal is functioning properly with trained experts performing the installation so that your unit works for years to come. Our garbage disposals come with a full 6 year thru 12-year warranty depending on the model.

Drain Cleaning

We understand how troubling a clogging issue can be for your home. That is why we pride ourselves in our ability to professionally and affordably remove troublesome clogs from your home. Our number one goal is to make sure your home is flowing freely at all times, however if there is a problem with the sewer line we can camera the drain line and replace the drain line without having to excavate the entire yard in most cases.

Gas Lines


The major benefit to having gas lines repaired or replaced is safety. Because gas leaks can be a danger always call your gas provider first, and then call your plumbing company. Once we arrive on site we can locate the gas leak and go over the best options to make the repair and get the gas back. We will check and make sure all appliances start properly, and double check our work.

Water Heaters




Water heater repair and water heater installation are often put off if possible, mostly because water heaters last for such an extended period without issues they are easily taken for granted. However, calling Stong Plumbing for service sooner rather than later can save you time and money on water heater services. We have honest, up front pricing and expert knowledge of water heater installation and repair. Al of our water heaters come with a full 6-year warranty, and 10 & 12-year warranties are also available.

Faucet Replacement

Our Technicians are trained on the latest types of faucets from Lavatory faucets to thermotic faucets for your tub & shower, we have a wide variety of faucets with several different finishes or handle types. We install our faucets as well as customer supplied faucets, feel certain that your new facet is being installed properly and with code approved connections. All of our faucets have a minimum of a 2-year full warranty when suppled and installed.

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Toilet Replacement

There are several types of toilets, from comfort height, to 1 piece, elongated or round front, regular seat or slow close seat. We can go over all of the options available and assist in choosing the correct toilet for your bathroom. We can supply the toilet or we will install a customer supplied toilet. Our toilets that we supply and install come with a with minimum 2-year warranty.

Sump Pump

If you have ever experienced a flooded basement, you already know how much damage flooding can cause. Even small amounts of water leaking into your basement can lead to thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention hazardous mold and mildew growth.

If your basement is at risk of flooding, a sump pump is an excellent safeguard. Though sump pumps are typically installed to prevent basement flooding, they can also be used to ameliorate dampness by lowering the water table under the foundation.

Water Conditioning

Rust stains, hard water spots, and dry itchy skin are just a few consequences of hard water. At Stong Plumbing, we offer a full line of water softeners, filters, and treatment systems to take care of your water quality issues. Water filtration systems make the water supply at your home healthier and better tasting. They meet demands better than water filter pitchers and bottled water, as well as kitchen faucet filters, because they care for the entire house, at every location where you use water. This means no more lugging heavy, expensive bottled water around and not worrying about the chemicals in the clothes you wear or the water you use to shower.

We will evaluate the age of your water softener system, as well as test the water coming from it for hardness, iron, and pH levels. We will also check for frequency of regeneration because you want a system that treats water properly AND efficiently. The average lifespan of a water softener is 10 to 15 years, and while it may continue to function longer, its effectiveness and efficiency become reduced with the resin tank starting to foul. Let our expert plumbers help you determine if you need a new system or if your current system needs repairs.

Whole house water filters are not a do-it-yourself installation project. It requires turning off the water supply, removing a piece of your main supply pipe, installing adapter couplings and compression fittings, and attaching the water filter to the wall for easy access to replace the filter. And once the filtration system is installed, it is important to check for leaks.

Neutralizers feature carbon filters that remove chlorine, organic materials, and other contaminants that cause color, taste, and odor problems. A variety of filters are available to treat the specific water problems in your home and get your water tasting great.

We offer maintenance contracts for all your water conditioning equipment.

Vanity Installation

If you want a new and beautiful bathroom vanity for your home, Stong Plumbing has got you covered. Installing a vanity can be a big undertaking, but we take care of every aspect with ease and expertise. From the design stage, to the cabinets & countertop, sink, pipes and even electrical work, be assured that your new bathroom addition will not also be stunning, but functional for your everyday life.

Toilet Repairs

Nobody likes having an out-of-service toilet in their home. In certain instances, a simple toilet fix is all you may need. It may just be a bad flush valve, tripped flapper, worn out wax gasket or broken flange, all of which can be replaced easily. Because many of these issues are simple, they can be remedied with repair services. Our expert staff can remedy these issues efficiently and professionally with little to no down time for your homes toilet. If you see that any of the above symptoms are applicable to your toilet, give our professional staff a call and we will assist you today!

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Bathroom Remodeling

We have been remodeling bathroom for over 25 years, we have a team of the best remodelers, from Plumbing, carpentry, electrical, tile, and painters. Only professional in their trade will be working on your bathroom. We will come to your home and sit down with you and go through your bathroom and your ideas of how you would like your bathroom to turn out. We will present you with a written proposal with allocations of the items, as well as a timeline to complete your project.

We have showrooms to select your bathroom items from or you can select from samples we bring to you.


We also have an in-house person to help with the design of your bathroom.


Stong will ensure that your home is protected at all times during the remodel and your bathroom comes out exactly as you dreamed of it at the end of the project.



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Bethroom Remodeling
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